Sunday, November 16, 2008

Personal Proposals?

I recently asked my NEF, as BadForShidduchim would say, (Newly Engaged Friend) how her chosson proposed.

To me, that was always one of the standard questions. "What's his name, where's he from, where will you live, how did he propose?"

Trust me, I don't ask that to many people. Only the ones I care about (or was curious what kind of spouse they'd end up with).

"Ummm, that's personal," my friend replied. "It is?" I asked.

I thought back to my cousins, and even some of our mutual friends, I knew many proposal stories. I always considered the marriage proposal one of those cute stories to share, and a bunch of people volunteered the story whether I wanted to hear it or not.

One friend's husband proposed to her in a menu at a restaurant they frequented. He taped a piece of paper on the inside that asked the Big Question. So at the vort, it was passed around.

Another printed out his best version of a bill from the restaurant that they were going to, and wrote their names in the lines where the waiter would write their orders...and at the bottom asked, "Will You Marry Me?"

My cousin rented a horse and chariot to propose. Someone else surprised his kallah with a limo ride, replete with champagne and a large bouquet of flowers.

So to me, proposals aren't that personal. Some guys get thoughtful and creative, while others get a little carried away, and go overboard.

So, I open the floor again, Do you think proposals are personal? If not, how were you proposed to/did you propose? and/or what would your ideal proposal include?