Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Is IMHJO Dead?

In a sense, yes. I don't plan to delete it anytime soon, but I don't feel as strongly about it as I did a few years back. (Obviously)

A recent date made me realize something about this blog; it also became apparent during my short engagement.

This blog no longer personifies me. Thankfully, I've progressed so much in the years since I've started the blog, I sometimes don't recognize myself. Or, I just read it and laugh.

The sight of two Lexuses in a driveway no longer gets my blood boiling. Don't get me wrong. I still stand for the same things: Materialism sucks, people who make Chillulei Hashem are idiots, double parkers are selfish twits, be honest with yourself and others...cheating is wrong.

My principles really haven't changed. I still agree with many things I've written.

But so many people and experiences have taught me that things aren't always as they seem. People aren't so black and white. What appeared to be a hyprocrite to me then has become someone who is confused and doesn't know where to turn.

Just because someone's chosen to improve in one area and blatantly does something else wrong doesn't make him evil or stupid.

I see things differently now. I still get upset when mansion owners escape for Purim, or five-year-old girls are overheard discussing their Juicy wardrobe. But I've learned that yelling and screaming about it on a stupid blog won't make a difference. Talking to these people won't make a difference. In a sense, I learned that my blog was "Aimed At No One." You either agreed with it, or you didn't.

I hope it was always apparent that even opposing opinions are welcome, since I enjoy seeing how other people's minds work, and I can learn something new.

Sure, I have a lot to say (ahem, complain about), but perhaps not as much a need to say it. This date sounded familiar...like the young man I had been engaged to....and much of this blog...the old me. I realized that the old me isn't me anymore.

Perhaps I'll begin a new blog (even though they're kinda done in general)...and y'all will be the first ones to know about it. Don't take me out of your bookmarks just yet. Inspiration might just strike one day, and I want you all to be there to see it.