Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Michelle's Take

So Bad4 e-mailed me in late May, explaining that blog reader had mentioned a guy for me.
I replied that I was busy.

The next e-mail in that thread was a month later. Late June. Just wanted to get that out of the way. (That was when I told her that the whole internetness of it all weirded me out, but I wasn't taking it off the table.)

Anyway, Mysterious Stranger, being the fine gentleman that he is, didn't want to contact me directly. He understood that it would creep me out. Smart man.

So everything he wrote, Bad4 simply clicked "forward" and directed my way. He gave me the spiel I've heard a million times. "He's such a nice guy..." Didn't want to believe it.

So I kinda gave them the run-around. When I was busy, I told them so. Otherwise I hemmed and hawed. I realized that the guys I dated within those months were no different than any other I had dated, and what have I got to lose?

Finally, after Mysterious Stranger volunteered his phone number, (he wouldn't ask me for mine), and Bad4 told me I was a jerk, I figured I'd call Mysterious Stranger.

MS was beyond a mensch. I didn't think it was possible. A mensch? From the internet? He described his friend, but like I said, how many guys are described as "soo nice" and end up being jerks? One need not look further than my own dating record.

What impressed me, though, was MS himself. A really really nice, honest, fine young man. I figured a guy like this must keep good friends. Based on my conversation with MS, (and being called a jerk by Bad4,) I decided to give it a shot.

The guy on the other side of this, by the way, needed his fair share of arm-twisting himself, which MS apparently didn't tell Bad4.

He heard I was from Brooklyn, and was ready to eliminate me right then and there. Little did he know that only earned him some points on my book...

Friday, October 09, 2009

The Rumors Are True

Now, since my favorite fellow blogger BadForShidduchim so kindly linked to me, I feel like I should update my blog a little.

Because nobody's really thinking about the people in Deal anymore.

As I wrote in the comments of her blog, I bli neder plan to contribute a "Michelle's Take," which will also be available for all your eyes on this blog...

But in the meantime, I want to thank Mysterious Stranger and Bad4 for being persistent, but not annoying.

So much to say....later, y'all!