Monday, February 07, 2005

Is it Sonia Rykiel or DKNY?

The kids I thought of in my previous post brought to mind a conversation I heard between two 5 year olds. No joke. 5 years old.
"MY sneakers are DKNY."
"But my sandals are Sonia Rykiel"
"My dress is Gap!" and they went on like that.
I was appalled, but I just laughed. Then the rage hit me. I told my buddy, who was also upset, but neither of us was shocked.
15 year olds is understandable. 5 year olds? That's a bit much for me.
Then I saw one of the girls on Shabbos, and she informed me that, "_____'s Mommy ironed my hair for me before Shabbos!" and the other kid's hair had also been ironed. 5 years old. Leave some hair for when it matters!
This vanity thing has spread like wildfire. It's only normal for these kids to pick up on the fine examples that their mothers constantly set. They discuss how much this seasnon's custom Sheitel cost, and which fur coat they are looking to buy next, and what they bought in Burberry yesterday. So 5 year-olds compete about their designer couture and make sure their hair is ironed to perfection!


At 2/07/2005 11:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this thread is getting old. Yes, we know that little kids from rich homes are spoiled brats. You have let us know that in no uncertain terms. Now let's move on.

This blog started developing a bit of a cult following, but that has disappeared for two reasons:

(a) As I just said, you repeat the same thoughts over and over, and

(b) Your posts are too infrequent. You need to put up more stuff more often.

At 2/08/2005 5:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

(a) If it matters to you, repeat it.

(b) Write at your own pace. The readers will read and Google will crawl. Write for the sake of writing. Cults are no good anyway, we all know that.


At 2/10/2005 7:03 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

Shlomo-I am forever grateful for your encouragement! Thank you so so much!

At 12/15/2005 10:18 AM, Anonymous Chani said...

I just went to throw up. Kids discussing the cost of custom sheitels? Heaven help us all.


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