Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Say Hello

Okay, now I'm really angry (a.k.a. hurt, but then I don't sound tough).
Before I was complaining that the other Jewish girls on campus don't smile or say hi. Well, it's gotten worse. I met a frum girl I know from last semester, not like 10 years ago, and she completely snubbed me.
I muttered a casual, "hey." She heard me. I know she heard me. She just looked at me like, "I know you, but I'm not gonna say hi." and forced a quarter of a smile (unless she burped inside her mouth). Can't she afford a grunt? An insincere, "Hi, How are you?" and a walk-away-before-I-can-respond? (One of my favorites, by the way..thanks for making believe to care!) But no. I got nothin'.
Then I saw her buddy who was in that class with me too, but I didn't bother to say hi. Why get snubbed twice in two minutes?
There are non-jewish strangers that are friendlier than they are.
I even gave them my notes for the midterm and final. Whatever. I vented. Whew.

But in all seriousness, if any of my readers attend Brooklyn College-smile at me when you see me on campus...I'm that other frum girl..
Let's create Achdus! (Well, besides for the snobs-stick to yourselves as always)


At 11/24/2004 9:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She may have been in a rush to get to class or just found out that she flunked a test, so she was spacing out....It's a longshot, but it is possible.

At 11/25/2004 4:43 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

I was kinda waiting for somoene to do the right thing and judge the kid favorably. I tried to do that, although I didn't think of your options. I know she wasn't in a hurry to get to class, but you are right when it comes down to it. Maybe she had a lot on her mind...but that semester she was in my class, I tried to have a conversation with her, and as much as i complained about having been snubbed, that was quite a belittling experience.


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