Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Commercialization of Chol HaMoed

This always frustrated me, but now that has come to a whole level. I'm way beyond frustrated, past fed up. I'm basically at "Had-it-up-to-here."

So this Miami Boys Choir concert that's advertised all over the freakin place. It's the "Chol HaMoed Capital." With a circus and an ice-thingy show, and the choir. Wow. You know what that means. If I'm not there, I am not celebrating Chol HaMoed properly. Oh, but it doesn't stop there. All the Jewish publications are stuffed with advertisements for more Chol HaMoed events. There's 2 on every page, and 10 in each Jewish community.

Now, I'm not bitter--Really--When I was younger, (and even today) my father was never able to take off work during Chol HaMoed. My mother doesn't drive highways. So, the most exciting thing I'd was get dragged along to a local arcade for an hour. I'd come back to school, still fair-skinned. The only one. "I went to Florida...we were in Disneyland...." All tanned and freckled. The five other kids who didn't go to Florida or Israel had gone to Hershey Park or Six Flags (things that don't interest me anyway) and of course, had seen some crappy show somewhere along the line. Maybe due to the fact that I'm a homebody anyway, I just thought to myself, "who needs it?" I don't think that's my way of fighting jealousy. I wasn't so good at it then. It's more like, why do you need to go somewhere and spend money to have fun? Plus, since when is Chol HaMoed time for fun activities?

It always bugs me when grown adults look ahead at the calendar and comment on the number of days of Chol HaMoed. A little maturity, people. Now, I know--the kids are demanding it. You know why? Because we are a bunch of spoiled rotten people who taught the kids that they must have fun, fun, fun at any opportunity. Fun isn't bad. I like fun. I have fun. I just don't make my parents go broke from my "fun." And I don't need to travel miles and go on roller coasters to have "fun."

One day, okay--you have off, and want to spend quality time with your family, etc. Okay. But to make a huge deal that you "go somewhere" every day, it's not healthy, practical or cheap.


At 11/03/2006 9:23 AM, Anonymous Moshe Dov said...

Here too i'm confused about what people should do on chol hamoed. Should they sit and learn? The women too? Should people just work like on any ordinary day?
How many people really feel the simchas yom tov on chol hamoed. not too many.
At least by going on trips they recognize its a special day.

Michelle, how do you feel the spirituality of the day on chol hamoed?

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