Sunday, September 26, 2004

Donations in Shul

My brother informed me of this rare event, so I thought it important to publicize. One man in shul placed a bid for an Aliyah. The Gabbai asked he speak up so that his generosity will be heard by all. "No, we ........s don't announce these things." They pushed him, "Please, be Mechazek the Oylam..." He remained strong in his modesty, and refused.
Trust me, the guy was generous. I don't know how difficult it was for him to be so quiet about the money, but I respect him so much for it. He was given the chance to flaunt his money, but resisted it. How many people can say they've done the same?


At 9/26/2004 3:26 PM, Blogger Isaac Kaplan said...

I also heard the story from Michelle's brother; slightly different details, though:

It was a Kol Nidrei appeal and they were calling out numbers (e.g. Schmuyga Jones, $360. Schmitchik Goldberg $300, Poor Loser, $100) and they asked this guy to announce his donation; he refused.

I'll tell you one thing, it made up for something else I saw on Yom Kippur- a "Barneys New York" bag in the shul (with nosh and machzorim). Because G-d forbid you'll be seen with a Glatt Mart bag or something. Insane.

At 9/27/2004 8:21 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Interesting that you mention that, Mr. Kaplan. I actually thought of blogging about that. Think about it this way: You are seated in the Men's section, where image-itis of that sort is much less extreme than upstairs at the women. I honestly think there is a secret competition going on who can bring a fancier shopping bag-which basically declares to everyone that they have purchased some unaffordable item at this store. I have seen Barney's NY bags, as well as Burberry, Coach, Bloomingdales, Lord and know the drill. Let's just say a Banana Republic bag would want to crawl into a hole.

At 12/01/2004 8:00 PM, Blogger DS said...

The entire reason why they anounce bids for aliyahs or pledges is to raise money for the shul. A person is suppose to show that he donates money to encourage others to do the same. The man, by not stating his bid was doing the exact opposite, and being a big shot and making a big stink about his puny pledge. We don't need his money. He was a snob.


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