Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Cleaning Ladies Part 2- Wash your own dishes

I'm not a mother of 5+ so I don't really know how hard it is, but I can imagine.
This past holiday, Succot, I overheard every woman I know (who wasn't in a hotel) discussing their cleaning ladies' hours, which days they were able to come, and yadda yadda.
I was home for Succot too. My cleaning lady didn't show up once. Guess what? We all survived! My mom worked really hard and was completely exhausted, (I tried to help, really!) but I felt a certain pride in the fact that my family didn't succumb to that level of laziness.

If Chas V'Shalom a person has someone sick living with them, or have disabled people, by all means, pay the help, enjoy it, and Refuah Shelema.

But for those who Baruch Hashem are able-bodied, but just plain lazy, get off your butt and wash your own dishes. Or use fancy paper.

It always bothers me when I'm at someone else's house, and the maid is like a slave. Nobody talks to her. Nobody says hello or thank you. She just does what she's told and that's it. Umm, hello, she's a person too. I know she is paid to do this. I know that! But to treat her with a little respect can't be so hard. I hate when people slave-drive these people. Yeah, you're paying them, but don't yell at them or abuse them.

In my bungalow colony, I remember taking out the garbage when my parents were in the city, and realizing I had never seen anyone I know from the colony taking out their garbage, it was ALWAYS the maid. I know, if you're paying someone to do it, why bother. But I think it was below their dignity. That's what gets me.

I understand this might upset some of my readers, but I am only voicing my humble jewish opinion, so let me know!


At 11/16/2004 1:41 PM, Blogger Cholent said...

First of all, it's ok to upset some of your readers, it's your blog and you can say whatever you want.

I totally agree with your opinion about cleaning ladies. We had no cleaning lady showing up on Sukkos to wash the dishes or clean up after 20 guests for each meal. Before Sukkos, we bought a whole supply of nice, paper plates to use when eating in the Sukka. No need to carry in a load of dishes from outside. They just go straight into the garbage can.

Since people are raised on cleaning ladies and so used to cleaning ladies, they feel like they can't survive without one. I don't condemn those who need help to keep their house in order. But the problem is when people are completely dependant, and forget how to work on their own. And yeah, people have gotta remember that these Hispanic women are people too.

At 11/16/2004 2:07 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Kol HaKavod to you! You're a little something I like to call SMART.
Anyway, care to comment on the Anorexia?

At 11/16/2004 3:12 PM, Blogger Anshel's Wife said...

I have K"H four kids. I work full time outside the home. And I'm frum. Right there, that doesn't leave me much time to clean the house, but I hate having a cleaning lady. I hate having to explain what I want done. Seems that the time I spend doing that, I could do it. I hate that when she is done, I'm not happy with the way she cleaned. She missed things. She didn't follow the list I gave her. She won't fold laundry or she won't put it away. Or she messed up my stuff on the bathroom counter. I don't know. It is nice when the living room is picked up and the floors are mopped and the toilets cleaned. I just hate having someone else do my dishes. I'm not a neatfreak. I just don't like anyone else doing my dishes. Maybe my mom. But I still check her work.

I know that I am not superwoman. I've given up trying. Yes, I do have a cleaning lady now. Already, after just 2 times, I can tell this won't be a long-lasting relationship. I'm thinking of just going to a service and having someone do my floors and bathrooms and that's it.

My husband is the one who insists on having help. He hates the mess. But the cleaning lady isn't going to organize my stuff. She's just going to put it into nice piles or move it all around. The clutter is my job.

At 11/16/2004 3:17 PM, Blogger Anshel's Wife said...

Oh, I was just thinking about a friend of mine. She is Russian. She knows these very wealthy people who had a maid named, Irina. They would ring a bell and in would come Irina. So, my friend will sit at her table on Shabbos and pretend to ring a bell and say, Irina. This is a woman who does not work. She has one child at home right now. Her mother does all her cooking and her father does most of her cleaning. She never seems to have any money, yet she is always wearing something new. She can't afford a cleaning person (gee, how much does your father cost?), but she likes to have a goya (that's what she says. and she says it like she is saying drek) on Shabbos to help her out. Well, not to help her. More like do everything for her so she can sit like "human being" and be with her guests. Well, her guests, if she has any, are close friends who wouldn't mind helping her out anyway. And I'm acutally very happy to help on Shabbos if I'm somewhere other than home. It's just part of what a woman does on Shabbos. Anyway, I can imagine what you would have to say about this friend.

At 11/16/2004 5:01 PM, Blogger Mindy said...

i am supernice to my cleaning lady. She comes every Friday for 3 hours and she gets coffee and cookies, soda, and candy to munch on while she's working. and I alwaysmake a point to thank her for a beautiful job.

My friends have commented on how nicely I treat the 'goytes' -- and I responded that this is how it should be everywehre!

At 11/16/2004 5:07 PM, Blogger Anshel's Wife said...

My husband was always feeding our cleaning ladies. Try this, how is this? You must have an incredible cleaning lady because it just doesn't matter how nice you are, you are still the boss and the cleaning lady works for you. However thin the line might seem, it's still there.

I don't like being the boss.

At 11/17/2004 9:41 AM, Blogger Gary Student said...

"But for those who Baruch Hashem are able-bodied, but just plain lazy, get off your butt and wash your own dishes. Or use fancy paper."

Is this something a humble person says?

At 11/24/2004 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mom was always very nice to the cleaning lady in our house until we found out that she went through my draw and stole $20. Now it angers me when I think about all the times my mom prepared lunch for her and the time when her leg was hurting so my mom asked me to drive her home. It took me two weeks to get rid of her body odor from my car. Do you have any idea how many girls refused to go out with me again because of that?

At 10/10/2006 10:26 PM, Anonymous theycallusbloppy said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh u flippin brooklyner- did u just call ur drawer a draw?!! i mean i come from brooklyn too so u have no excuse. sry im a bit of a freek with these things



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