Monday, October 25, 2004

"Are you from around here?"

Ha! It happened again! I love it.
As many of you have gathered, I am from the dreaded borough of Brooklyn. Yup. That would mean that I'm a rich, materialistic, shallow, selfish little girl according to some.
However, time and time again, throughout my extensive experience of shopping and meeting people in Brooklyn, I've received what I believe to be the best compliment possible. People refuse to believe the fact that I have lived in Brooklyn all my life.
"You're so out-of-townish!" they tell me.
I was with my fellow born and bred Brooklyn friend, and asked if she ever gets that. "All the time!" she responded. See that? It's possible to have non-Brooklyn kids in Brooklyn! How do you think I have friends??


At 11/01/2004 7:24 PM, Blogger Shevy said...

Read all your posts... I like your style.

A rich, materialistic, shallow selfish Brooklynite

At 11/02/2004 3:09 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Tell me more. We can be friends!


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