Thursday, September 09, 2004

No Boots

The latest rule in a local Bais Yaakov high school: No tall boots. But wait! You can wear them to school, and back from school, but not in school. I know, you're all thinking, "What's wrong with this school?" Hear me out.
I know why. I've seen it. Bais Yaakov students risk being picked up on the street corner while they strut their stuff in their slutty boots. That means --if anything-- they should be allowed to wear them in school, but not outside. But that wouldn't make too much sense because they need the warmth that they provide outdoors.
Some kids were able to pull it off okay. They came in tall boots, but didn't look provocative. Obviously, it's possible. It's always the few bad ones that ruin it for the good ones.
Now, if they'd outlaw the boots altogether, students will still wear them. But if they say nothing, they are not doing their jobs.
Solution: (which is always easier said than done) Teach them why it's wrong to look like a slut, how to dress more modestly, and how to be able to carry the boots (the right boots, of course) properly.


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