Sunday, August 08, 2004

Brooklyn College

I have 2 things to say about Brooklyn College. One, why it's assur. Two, why I'm ignored. Here goes:

When I was in high school, and I was asked what my plans for next year were, I said, "Seminary and College," since my principals were expecting Touro, they casually asked, "Which one?" "Brooklyn," I responded proudly. You shoulda seen their jaws drop. It was beautiful. I was summoned to the office, and I was informed that Brooklyn College is "Tarfus" and is a terrible atmosphere becuase of what we learn, and the fact that boys and girls come within a 10-foot-radius of each other. On the same day. (gasp) How do you think YOU got here, lady? Okay, considering I had an extremely perverted professor in my second semester, I knew what she was talking about. Need I say it? We live in America. I made the decision to attend Brooklyn College, I knew I was to be exposed to this, and I was okay with it. It's not like I was one of those troubled teens, believe it or not. I wasn't begging my ultra-yeshivish parents to let me go to Brooklyn College so I'd come home pregnant. I'm a good kid who can't stand JAPs and paying $10,000 tuition. My parents trust me attending Brooklyn College (but were afraid to tell these people.) I'm not saying it's for everyone. There are definitely those kids who came close to being kicked out of a Bais Yaakov school, and would end up pregnant. They should go to Touro. They don't care about the japs anyway.

Speaking of Japs, I have a whole theory. I know I said Touro is Jappy, but so is Brooklyn. In Touro, it's exclusively japs for the most part. In Brooklyn, they're outnumbered by the African-Americans, Latinas, Asian-Americans, and other Goyim. All the more reason to want to stick together. I can spot a Jew 10,000 miles away. If we cross paths, I smile at her and hope that she'll respond. I say hello to people I know from the community. NOTHIN. HELLO? I kinda feel some kinship, some, "We're in this together" type of thing. NOTHIN. Thanks. Did you get lost on your way to Touro? Miss short-skirt-with-nude stockings-and shoes?? It's usually my fellow denim-skirters who sometimes emit a response. Thanks ;-)


At 8/09/2004 7:45 AM, Blogger Dina said...

I can’t figure out how people can be so into themselves so that if you nod or wave to them, all you get is a blank stare in return. You would think a goyish college would be the best place to put all the differences aside. I guess they feel if they smile back or break into a grin, it might smudge their lip stick.

At 8/09/2004 9:10 AM, Blogger jah said...

I am a MO man in my early 40's, who attended Brooklyn College as a returnng student from 27 to 35. (After our first child was born, it was a lot harder making the commute)
I always enjoyed watching the young frum kids in my classes, especially the BY girls, who I felt were more open minded, develop relationships in class at least with students different from themselves. In my opinion, it was a definite positive influence in their intellectual development. And i never saw one of them lower their standards of Frumkeit, Tznius, or menschlichkeit. If anything, it not only made them better students, it made them better Jews.

At 8/09/2004 9:38 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

I apologize for not mentioning that I associate with an extremely diverse group of people in college. I don't go out with them after school, but I talk to everyone who will talk to me (during and after class), regardless of race or ethnicity. I still think frum people should feel some sort of alliance or kinship.

At 9/08/2005 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do all "short-skirt-with-nude stockings-and shoes"ers ignore you? And only the girls in the denim skirts say hello? What about short denim skirts? Just checking. Are you maybe being a bit judgemental. I mean, I know girls who wear short skirts and nude stocking that would probably say hello to you, and they aren't "JAPs" either. They just like dressing up. Why should that bother you? Only if you're uncomfortable with yourself...

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