Monday, August 02, 2004

Cholov Yisroel Milk

I am often shot down for insisting on buying Chalav Stam milk. "I'd like my milk to last for more than 30 seconds, thank you very much," I politely respond. Then people tell me, "don't you get suspicious why the Chalav Stam milk lasts so much longer? Maybe they add something to it!!"
Legally, it has to be cow's milk. There is a hechsher on the bottle. I am doing my part.
I just want to know what the Cholov Yisroel people are doing to their milk to make it go bad after 1 day.
If we leave Chalav Stam milk in the house over Shabbos, when we come back, it's still drinkable---even sometimes beyond the expiration date. You're lucky if Chalav Yisroel milk makes it to the expiration date--even the NYC one!
Therefore, I insist on buying Chalav Stam.
Some people eat anything Chalav Stam but insist on drinking Cholov Yisrael milk because that's what they're used to. I'll make one exception. ;-)


At 8/03/2004 6:40 AM, Blogger Dina said...

I just came across your blog and wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed all your posts. I am 20 years old and have dealt with a lot of the same issues as you. By the way, I am the only one in my family that would rather drink non-cholov Yisrael milk for exactly the same reason that you gave. I gave up trying to convince my family though.

Regarding your post on schools, I was definitly the black sheep in my class. I went to movies and listened to non-jewish music, and I dressed the way I wanted to, but I turned out fine and got engaged to a nice guy that works full time, but has very strong beliefs in G-d and he respects me for who I am. He doesn’t care how I dress or how big my slit is on my skirt. (You wouldn’t believe the looks I used to get in high school by not trying to fit in and be exactly like everyone else)
Many communities worry too much about what people are wearing but don’t pay enough attention to all the Loshon Hara that comes out of their mouth.

At 8/04/2004 6:11 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Dina-you must be my less-evil twin! Let's be friends.
Seriously, thanks for your motivating kind words. I'll try to keep it up, and don't forget to tell your friends about this site. (Shameless self-promotion...)

P.S. I'm engaged to a guy in Law School, who is also a Ben-Torah, despite what I was told in high school.

At 8/05/2004 6:22 AM, Blogger Dina said...

I really appreciate the compliment because I really do think that we have a lot in common. I will definitely tell my friends about the site. I try to be friendly with everyone, but the truth is that there are only one or two girls I know that are totally similar to me and would really appreciate the site. Nobody ever gets popular going against the tide. That’s why we have to stick together.
At first when I started high school I tried to fit in and be someone I am not, but then I realized that it is no fun living a lie. That’s when I decided to just be myself. Sometimes I felt lonely being the only girl that didn’t know all the words to the new Shloime Dachs tape that just came out. Too bad we weren’t in the same class at the time.
I know it’s not easy coming up with material for your site, but you have done a nice job. It would be great if you wanted to e-mail me at because I have some stories that have happened to me about some of the same exact things you have written about but I don’t know if I wanted to post them. I think you would enjoy them though.
I think its great that you found a guy that is in law school and still a Ben-Torah. You know that he is with you because he likes you and not because your parents are going to support him. I think that’s great. The guy that I’m engaged to is working in an accounting firm and is totally a Ben-Torah as well. Our schools said it couldn’t be done, but I guess we proved them wrong, huh?

At 8/05/2004 1:31 PM, Blogger Isaac Kaplan said...

Law school and a ben-torah? Accounting and a ben torah? can't be.

They may be good frum Jews, they may mean well, but you can't say they're bnei torah. sorry.

Because you're marrying people that plan on (gasp!) working, you are both horrible terrible people. Girls should only marry learning guys, and working guys don't deserve bais yaakov girls.

BTW, do you think your high school wants a speaker who can give mussar? Based on the above, I think I fit the bill.

At 8/12/2004 3:10 PM, Blogger Isaac Kaplan said...

FYI, the last comment was just a joke.

IMH(J)O, everyone has a different tafkid in life. That means some guys have what it takes to succeed in learning, others in law, others in medicine. And a good lawyer who learns whenever he can and does the right things is a whole lot better than a ben torah who slacks off.

At 5/16/2007 10:54 AM, Anonymous FifthedChasid said...

Regarding the issue with Chalov Yisael not lasting to the code date. There is a Chalov Yisrael milk in Florida called Tevye Farms. It is Chalov Yisrael and lasts 24 days or more. I have keep it in my refrigerator for one month long and it is still great!
What do you make of that?


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