Monday, August 02, 2004

More on Milk

Too many people request "green milk" in their coffee nowadays. What is green milk? Do you mean the milk with the green cap? Be careful what you wish for. Those of you who enjoy spoiled milk, aka Chalav Yisrael, think that green milk is Skim Milk. In your world it is. My brother and I recently bought milk at Target. Look at the irony-the green milk is the 2%, and the blue one is skim!! What's a girl to do?? What about becoming a smidgen more intelligent and referring to milk by their fat %: Skim/Fat Free, 2%, 1%, and whole.
I was recently visiting a friend. Her sister sat down to a bowl of cereal, and exclaimed, "Oh, is this green milk? it tastes good for green milk!" not knowing that the Golden Flow milk she was drinking was from a green carton (which I hadn't seen since 2nd grade), and it was 1%, not skim. So let this be a lesson to all. Look at the %, not at the color of the cap.


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