Thursday, August 12, 2004


2 women asked me information about the same girl, a few weeks apart from each other. "Boy, she gets around," was my initial reaction.(Not in a bad way,I actually like this kid) Someone overheard who was asking, and immediately dismissed it. "They're just being set up because they're both short," he observed. Then it dawned on me. The previous woman's son was also unusually shrimpy. So they're setting up 2 short people. "Oh, you live in Brooklyn? Do you know John Smith?" What the hell. Doesn't matter what their personalities are like, or their hashkafos. They're short. Let's waste 3 hours of their lives. BTW, if either one works out, you can call me an idiot.
People do the same thing with heavy people. "He's heavy, she's heavy, why don't we set them up?" Doesn't matter that they have absolutely nothing in common, besides for physicality, let's waste 3 hours of THEIR lives,too. "
While they're at it, people set up children from divorced home with others from divorced homes. Now my question is, has there been a couple set up that one is fat and the other skinny, both from divorced homes?


At 8/13/2004 3:34 AM, Blogger G Green said...
I see we have something in common. Must be a reason to match them up!


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