Thursday, April 28, 2005

Pesach in the City

Yesterday, I went to a show in the city for my Theatre class. I was afraid I'd forget it's pesach, and walk into a bodega and buy a bag of pretzels if i got hungry and realize halfway through the bag what I had done. Surpisingly, though, I felt Pesach with me the whole time. It's interesting how the spirituality of the holiday is there more than you know. Pesach signifies a lot. That's why everything we say in Tefilla reminds us of Yetsias Mitrayim. (whoa, that's bad transliteration) But anyway, even though one walks the streets on Manhattan is surrounded by the same people as usual, the feelings are different. You know you can't buy that same Pepsi or bag of M & M's that guy is holding. It puts you on a different level.


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