Tuesday, July 05, 2005

More About Them Benjamin$

Last week, I worked in my high school office closing out this year, and preparing for next year. I looked at the calendar and remembered that last year they divided the mid-winter vacation into two separate weekends in order to prevent the girls from taking a vacation in Florida. They planned to do the same for '05-'06.

I whispered to the other woman in the room with me, "Don't they know that the girls who are going to go to Florida will go whether they have off or not?" She shrugged.

"It's funny how tanned these kids get when they are 'sick,' isn't it?" I asked.

She chuckled, and I continued, "Come on, what's the point if they are going to go anyway? More importantly how do they get away with it?"

"Well, you know, they go down to the main principal and ask permission..." she started.

"And if the price is right....and Daddy puts the right number of zeros on that check..."I added.

She nodded and smirked, "You got it."

If you people really think Florida is so wrong, don't let them pay you off. If it's really "Toyrah" that's so important and everything like that, you'd have Bitachon that Hashem will give you enough money, not to take bribery from these idiots. So obviously, you're not practicing what you preach, yet again.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think it's fine to go to Florida--if you are going to visit your grandmother, go shopping, relax...whatever. But when I was in high school, some idiot girls were looking at some pictures right before class, with the teacher in the room. She saw that these were pictures of those "Bais Yaakov" girls on a beach, in shorts. I think it's okay for girls to go to a beach--in a skirt that covers your knees and a shirt that covers your elbows like they're supposed to--especially "Bais Yaakov" girls. Oh, but Daddy paid the Rabbi off, so it's okay to walk around looking like Linday Lohan, right?

When will these people understand that Tznius applies 24/7, no matter what city, state, or country you're in?? But apparently, these kids are taught that if nobody who matters will see you, it's okay to do what you want. I heard that this teacher reported them, but little to no disciplinary measures were taken.


At 7/05/2005 11:37 AM, Blogger Karl said...

These girls learn from the school they go to, and their parents - that you can pretend to do whats right on the outside but really do what ever they want when no one is looking - and pay any one off who does. These kids will just do the same as the school/teachers have no comitment and/or values that they actually keep.

BTW, I like the new look.

At 7/05/2005 5:31 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Ya got that right!
And Thanks.

At 7/06/2005 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everybody seems to be bashing the current bais yaakov system-anybody have any better ideas?

At 7/06/2005 10:02 AM, Blogger EN said...

I happen to disagree. $ has nothing to do with it. It might be true that rich girls are less tznius (why that is, I havent figured out yet but take a poll I'll bet you it is true)but they learn from their parents to go to Florida. The beis yaccov is not a baby sitter. They can tell you what is right and try to make it easier/harder to do what is right but the final decission is up to the individual girl.

At 7/06/2005 2:12 PM, Blogger Michelle said...

Okay, so about the Bais Yaakov system in general, I have been doing a lot of thinking and discussing. Have I thought of anything better? No. Because ultimately, as EN said, the girls are going to make their own decisions, and there is chinuch--although unintentional-at home. But I do think that the Bais Yaakovs should teach the kids from the start a love for Torah and Mitzvos, and carry it through---past 1st grade. If they'd all do that, it wouldn't cure the problem, but it would certainly minimize it. If we were all taught love for Mitzvos and their importance, we would be willing and happy to more.

I actually wrote a 7-page article about this, but I got a few arguments so I have to some more thinking and fixing.

At 7/06/2005 9:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Michelle. While EN is right in that we can't expect them to do everything, they can do a better job in at least setting an example. And who knows - if they threw out a rich girl for going to Florida, maybe that would make the others think twice before breaking the rules.

At 7/07/2005 8:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is a "you can't judge Judaism by Jews" case. You can't judge the bais yaakov system by it's components-i.e. you can't say it's ineffective because some teachers set bad examples. Anonymous #2-you refer to the elusive "they" who must set a better example. How could you place the onus of today's problems on "the bais yaakov system." I think you would more properly refer to specific individuals.

At 7/13/2005 11:03 AM, Blogger Semgirl said...

Well for starters maybe actually give the girls some real learning, instead of bubble-headed indoctrination. Wow!! what a novel concept..

At 7/17/2005 8:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think rather then take away or cut the girls' vacation to prevent them from doing what they're gonna do anyway, why not GIVE THE VACATION and USE the midwinter break to EDUCATE students in HOW a bas yisroel should spend their free time. If the students really do have the means, how about sponsoring a kiruv oriented trip somewhere in the states, (like SEED program). Girls can get away and learn that time off while necessary, can also be a meaningful and worthwhile experience. Now thats what i call education!
btw kat, great posts

At 7/18/2005 11:24 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

To the last anonymous, your idea is excellent in theory, however, that would only work for those who dont even go to Florida anyway. The girls who go to Florida to sit on the beach seem to have little substance, and probably have no interest in Kiruv, and they would not show up to such a program. But I must commend you on your creativity and sesibility.
I really do wish that would work though :-(


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